Saturday, June 2, 2007

Purism is Restriction

We all must set restrictions for ourselves or agree to those of others, our community and government. But there is a huge area within that domain where we have freedom. We can accept or remake ourselves according to our whim and our will. We will only be limited by our knowledge, ambition and perceived limitations.

What is purism? It is not Puritanism, which is an extreme path of restriction, to exile pleasure from one's life with the idea that it is sin and makes one "pure". It can be a form of purism.

The purist will choose a path and learn all they can about its methods and rules. Then they will direct their life by this path.What occurs with most people is that they choose a path and only impose it upon themselves when it is convenient or does not interfere with their desires. There are many others who will choose a path and makes excuses why they "fail" or can't follow it and forever strive for "perfection" and to "master" that path. Some may achieve "mastery" and others may not.Neither is a creative way. It is not individual or unique. It is living someone else's way.

I suggest a utilitarian approach, to modify or individualize a path to conform to what your goals are in life, to your personality traits you have claimed and to what you have found works practically for you.

For example, The Tao is a life path that imposes restrictions. You do choose to impose them upon yourself, but they are required for "mastery" and can prove burdensome.Yet there are some very useful methods which can be adopted. Many methods that are entirely healthy, bring inner peace and power, even lengthen one's life.

Yet, there are only so many hours in the day and so many days in a life. You must choose how to spend them. I am not saying that one should be lazy about an endeavor or neglect an aspect of their path because it is too difficult or takes time. If your goal is to become a millionaire, you do more than dream about it (although that is useful too), you take action toward its achievement. If you desire to raise a family or run a successful business, you put the required amount of time, energy and effort into that, but not to the exclusion of all else.

Satanism recommends exceedingly well to merging with it styles and methods from other philosophies and paths. Since it does focus on the individuality of self and freedom from most restrictions, I find it an excellent foundation for my life.

I believe the life of a Satanist should be of balanced continual progress. It should contain pleasure, practicality, spiritual work, the evolution of self and most of all, creativity.

Even though Satanism was presented to me by deity, my own personality already conformed to its ways and it has always been a natural and comfortable path to walk. It is very me. Not to say that it is an easy way. It requires, no, it demands that the self be improved and embettered according to the will. Satanism is not a mere tag to hang on yourself. It is a way of life that is lived and a continual process of change.

When one chooses to combine aspects of a path or philosophy to Satanism, one need not go so far as to compromise one's beliefs and overthrow the existing system. Choose what compliments it and your unique individuality. Listen to the criticisms of others, but decide for yourself which is true and useful and make your own decision. There is great satisfaction in making a path totally yours by building upon its foundation.

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